The British introduced curry to Japan at the end of the 19th century.

Two London spice merchants created their own blended spice powders, inspired by Indian Garam Masala, and sold it to the curious restaurateurs of Tokyo.

The attraction of exotic flavour was so great that the locals took to the new dish with vigour.

After going through various different blends in an attempt to suit the local palate, the curry now enjoys huge popularity and some call it “the real” national dish of Japan.


While paying homage to the great history of Indian spice and the global route it took to reach us on British ships, Coco Ichibanya feels very proud and excited to present our own version of Japanese curry to the UK, where it all started.

We have more than 1400 curry restaurants across the world and we are the largest curry restaurant chain in Japan.

With Coco Ichibanya, you will enjoy our unique range of customised dishes and the choice of different toppings, spice levels and portion sizes, waiting for you to mix and match!

Believing in our motto "Briskly, Sharply, and with a Smile", we look forward to making your “Coco-Ichi experience” a special one every time.

See you in London soon.

The Team

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